6Ton XLP Dual Angle Steel

Jerr-Dan Corporation, has introduced its new XLP-6® series of low profile carriers. The new series of carrier products is in response to the demand from today’s professional towing and recovery operator for a high quality, low profile, and lower load angle carrier.

“Our customers asked us to build a premium carrier that provided an enhanced payload, a lower deck height, and a superior load angle,” said Joel Amsley, Jerr-Dan Corporation senior vice president. “We started with the key components of our very successful 6 Ton Premium model and incorporated a number of innovations that allowed us to lower the deck height and improve the load angle without sacrificing strength or reliability. We are delighted with the final product.”

The XLP-6® series is available with 21-foot and 22-foot steel and aluminum decks, including the dual angle “Shark” models. The XLP-6® models all include a low profile sub-frame that lowers the deck height to approximately 8 ¾-inches above the frame rail and provides greatly improved load angles. When installed on a chassis with a 32-inch deck height, a “conventional” deck produces a load angle of 10.5 degrees, while a dual angle deck has a load angle of only 8 degrees.

All XLP-6® models have a 12,000lb deck capacity and can be equipped with a new 3,500lb wheel-lift. In addition the XLP-6® utilizes the a nylon carrier tracking system for hoses and wiring harness, No-Lube™ pivot joints and slide pads, and automotive type weather resistant wiring harness.

The XLP-6® delivers all of the features and enhanced performance without requiring significant chassis modifications. Since all components are above or outside the frame rails there is no need to relocate suspension components or chassis cross members. The XLP-6® is suitable for air ride or spring ride chassis; however for optimum load angles an air ride chassis with a dump valve should be used.